Education and Literacy
Barbara Bush Literacy Program / Literacy Month

Education and Literacy


In 2002, the NFRW Literacy Committee launched NFRW Literacy Month. Each September, local clubs have the opportunity to share their literacy projects, ranging from book donations, tutoring and financial support of literacy programs to special one-time events like themed parties with authors.

Let us know what your club does for literacy. It is important and can be fun!

Maxine Bennett
Chair, NFRW Literacy Committee

  Official Entry Form. Clubs have until October 31 to submit the completed form. [PDF, 1 page]

Please send your official entry form by mail or email to:

Chair Maxine Bennett

A Message From the Barbara Bush Foundation

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is committed to giving the precious gift of literacy to the more than 30 million Americans who cannot read. Join the national movement to support education as a "Civil Right for All" and help us give families in America the gift of reading.

Learn more at, and find us on Facebook and Twitter!

2014 Winners

Janine Turner, author of "A Little Bit Vulnerable," selected numbers that were randomly assigned to clubs that participated.

Congratulations to First Place Winner #6: Spring Mountain Republican Women, Nevada Karin Lemmon, D.V.M., President

Congratulations to Second Place Winner #18: Point Loma Republican Women Federated, California Terri Davis, President; Marjorie Faris, MELP Chair

First and second place winners will receive copies of Ms. Turner's book, as well as her daughter Juliette Turner's books for students. The NFRW Literacy Committee wishes to thank and congratulate all who participated!

  Full recap of 2014 Literacy Month Program [PDF, 1 page]

Literacy Proclamation

"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." Frederick Douglass

This is a quote that is at the heart of the NFRW Literacy Committee's mission. We know freedom is precious. We ensure freedom for the next generation when we teach them to read and write, giving them the tools to develop political literacy. We ensure freedom when we give them the tools for economic literacy.

Our literacy outreach in our communities is noted each September as part of the Barbara Bush Literacy Program. The NFRW recognizes clubs that document their work to promote literacy.

The NFRW Literacy Committee offers a way to engage the wider community in support of literacy. We are offering a proclamation that can be used by a local or state official to declare September 2012 as Literacy Month. It is a template that can be implemented in a request to an official to make an official proclamation on behalf of a club in support of literacy awareness.

We encourage each club to work with their local leaders to make a proclamation that announces we are in favor of a literate and free citizenry.

  Literacy Month Proclamation Template [PDF, 1 page]

Project Ideas from the Barbara Bush Foundation

The NFRW Literacy Committee has found a partner in our mission to promote literacy and make a difference in our country. The Barbara Bush Foundation and the NFRW are teaming up to strengthen literacy outreach. The Literacy Committee is excited to provide NFRW clubs with additional literacy programs that are supported by the Barbara Bush Foundation. Clubs are invited to explore the list and consider adopting and/or supporting one of these programs as part of their work for the NFRW Barbara Bush Literacy Program celebrated in September.

  Barbara Bush Foundation,  2012-2013 Funded Grant Programs [PDF, 14 pages]

Other Project Ideas

  Invite an author to come to a school to talk to students about the writing process, reading, storytelling. Create a program to bring authors to schools on a regular basis.

  Check in with the Library of Congress and hold a local version of one of their planned programs/events.

  Interview a school librarian and find out where there are deficiencies in the library—historical, reference, biographies, historical fiction, etc. Then fundraise to meet those needs.

  Read sections, introductions, excerpts of books from the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project list, classic books, cultural literacy books to children to pique their interest. Have books to donate to the school or classroom.


The Dictionary Project

Reach Out and Read

Reach One – Teach One

Books and Badges

Reading is Fundamental

Shared Beginnings

Books for Ownership

Family of Readers

Running Start

  Start a small library in a small town.

  Read Out Loud Story Time Club

  Little Red Bookshelf in family court—books free to children waiting with parents to resolve family legal issues.

  Patriotic fifth grade writing challenge—20 word essay: What it means to be patriotic. First prize: pizza party for the class and $100 certificate from OfficeMax to teacher.

  Large print Reader’s Digest magazines to senior citizens centers, Reader’s Digest novels, Braille books

  Club assists classrooms/school in Young Author’s Fairs by making mat board books for students to use to write their own books.

  Magazine subscriptions to senior living centers

  One Book: Encourage a class, grade level, group of children, group of adults to read a book and then visit or gather together for a discussion.

  Recognize outstanding teachers.

  Tutor in after-school reading program.

  United Through Reading: Deployed military parents are videotaped reading a book aloud privately for their children; the tape is mailed back to the parent and child along with the book so the child can read the book with the deployed parent. The child is videotaped or photographed reading with the tape, which is sent back to the deployed parent. Also works for grandparents and families with a member who is incarcerated.

  Themed book basket auction

  Give cash donation to literacy groups.

  Donate a subscription to News for You to a school, shelter, after-school program.

  Hold a book drive to distribute to local literacy programs, childcare centers, prisons, shelters, etc.

  Conduct GED testing at jails, prisons, etc.

  Give a book to each baby born in your community. For larger cities, pick a doctor and volunteer to provide books during a special week.

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